Sunday, January 2, 2011

Women Entrepreneurship: An Inclusive and Strategic Economic Force

There is a deluge of advice and tips on Entrepreneurship around the world. As Guy Kawasaki [MD, Garage Technology Ventures] said, “A practical problem that entrepreneurs face is too much advice.”* But seldom will you find exclusive discussions on promoting Women Entrepreneurship, when the strategic gurus worldwide understand the growing importance of women in the changing landscape of the world markets. It has been recognized that Women Entrepreneurship is an untapped resource for economic growth whose potential needs to be utilized optimally. This has two-pronged aspects to it – one, the leadership skills and talents of women as labour force is an underutilized resource and second, the role of entrepreneurship itself as a means for robust economic growth.

One of the reasons for relatively lesser attention towards promoting Women Entrepreneurship has been the choice of the industry or the sector that the women make in undertaking an entrepreneurial venture. It is generally perceived as ‘less-important’ a field for economic growth when compared to the mainstream technology and manufacturing ventures per se.

This is one of the reasons that is reflected in my book WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS. It talks about many women entrepreneurs who have ventured into areas that are not highly represented in the business arena. The book also highlights the key reasons on growing importance of Women as Entrepreneurs in the future. My objective is to promote Women Entrepreneurship and my book is the first step towards it. Book your copy today. Your contribution will make the difference.

Bolstering Women Entrepreneurship is for promoting inclusive Entrepreneurship and hence a comprehensive economic growth.

* From Corporate Dossier, The Economic Times, 31st December 2010