Thursday, January 6, 2011


As the name suggests, ‘Mompreneurship’ is an off-shoot of entrepreneurship fostered and motivated by Motherhood. Many baby products have been the result of Mompreneurship. This was more of the needs created and/or perceived when moms were either not satisfied with some products or were not able to find that ‘perfect’ stuff for their kids. Such women as entrepreneurs can be said to have a high ‘Entrepreneurial Quotient’. They could map problems with the opportunities, and this, according to me, is a significant measure of the Entrepreneurial Quotient.
Whereas the West is inundated with the stories of Mompreneurs, it is akin to searching a pin in the hay-stack when it comes to India. Apart from promoting Women Entrepreneurship on the whole, it will be important to show way to the Mompreneurship also. It will be an added equity in the entire gamut of investment for the economic growth.
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