FAMOUS Mompreneurs

Famous Mompreneurs around the World

Lisa Druxman
Founder, Stroller Strides [www.strollerstrides.com]
A professional group exercise instructor, personal trainer and club manager at some of the country’s finest health clubs, Lisa founded Stroller Stride when she her became a mom. Realising the ever time crunch that moms face, Lisa came out with special ‘mom’ fitness workouts.

Julie Aigner Clark,
Founder Baby Einstein [www.babyeinstein.com]
Julie Aigner-Clark, founder of Baby Einstein started from the basement of her house and exited successfully after being bought by the Disney. Julie started Baby Einstein when she could not find appropriate videos for babies. And the rest is history. In about nine years Baby Einstein gained enormous popularity and Julie finally exited by selling her company to Disney.

Mindee and Julie,
Founder, Boogie Wipes [www.boogiewipes.com]
Unable to find a solution for their kids’ sore, red, runny noses, Mindee and Julie formed Boogie Wipes in 2007. They developed first ever saline nose wipes  and today they sell across 30,000 retail stores across the United States of America.

Susan Lavelle
Founder, Moxie Moms [www.moxie-moms.com]
Moxie Moms is highly successful website that gives out information on health and fitness to the expecting mothers. They also offer various discounts and deals on related products. Moxie Moms’ primary mission is to help moms succeed in their pursuit of a community of moms for friends, fun and fitness. A community of moms provides companionship, friendship, and advice for activities, such as regaining a level of fitness lost to pregnancy, acquiring the tools & gear of child rearing, and having fun while being a great mom.

Ruth Handler
Founder, The Barbie Dolls [www.barbie.com]
Does the name Barbie sound familiar to you? Yes, Ruth Handler founded The Barbie doll in 1959. When Ruth saw her daughter Barbara play with her baby dolls and pretend that her dolls were adults, Ruth created Barbie dolls. Barbie has since become an identity name with small girls, not to mention the billions of dollars that the company has generated.