SYNOPSIS of the Book

The purpose of this book is to inspire more women in India to take up Entrepreneurship as their career. The book aims to encourage entrepreneurial thinking by showing how to understand and spot the possible opportunity gaps in various sections and industries. The objective is to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and motivate more women to take the plunge, without necessarily judging success as the outcome. It aims at encouraging the effort and presents guidelines for taking the right steps towards the entrepreneurship and hence moderating many risk factors.

The structure of the book follows a pattern where separate chapters are dedicated to various industry scenarios and environments. These chapters present summaries which will help in attuning a reader’s thinking from an entrepreneur’s point of view. The book covers a wide variety of market segments and highlights the implicit entrepreneurial opportunities in them. Every industry analysis is followed by a supporting example of a venture started by a woman. These examples are presented as interviews so that the reader gets a first-hand feeling of getting the right information. The interview Questions are focused on aspects which are of highest importance to women entrepreneurs, for example, how have they funded their start-ups or how do they strike a balance between a start-up and family & kids.

The book also covers Mompreneurship, which is not so popular a concept in India presently. Here too, the book highlights how kids can be a wonderful source of inspiration and ideas for coming out with new products and services. This section too has been supported by interviews of relevant women entrepreneurs.

Along with the above objectives, the book also touches upon the growing importance of women as entrepreneurs [as leaders and key decision makers in the corporate world] with the changing face of our socio-economic set-up and the changing face of the world markets, population demographics and the changes associated with these in the next 10-15 years. This part is a corollary or an inference based on a research study done by McKinsey. The book highlights the need for better ecosystem for bolstering Women Entrepreneurship in India.