Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What are the Traits of Women Entrepreneurs?

What are the unique traits which make women as harmonising counter-parts in the corporate world? What makes them see an opportunity or what triggers their networking skills? Whether as entrepreneurs or key decision makers women definitely have some skill-intelligence qualities which are better demonstrated by them than by their men counter-parts. Other than education, which can depend on a lot of circumstantial reasons, women do have few unique traits which can make them very good leaders.
Physiological Advantages:
Biologically, a man’s brain is 10% larger than a woman’s brain. But that does not necessarily conclude that all types of skill-intelligence are higher in men than in women. It is found that a female brain has more nerve cells in certain parts of the brain. Female brain has a larger corpus collusum which gives women an ease with which they can multitask. The brain-structure gives them advantage over men. Men tend to use left-brain more and hence are usually good with numbers and solving problems. The grey-matter, which allows thinking is 55.4% in women and 50.8% in men.
This brief anatomy of a human brain tells us that women are naturally good at fostering relationships, not just with friends and family but around her professional world too. This translates into unique networking quality which is seen as an important corporate leadership quality. Her multitasking skill translates into effective managerial and organizational skill which is so very important to put the processes in place and execute the ideas into a flourishing business. Her natural skills lead her to nurture management & leadership around her professional world.
In my book Women Entrepreneurship, you will find the various qualities that make it important to understand the need to push Women Entrepreneurship. It is a corollary to a study done by McKinsey, followed by 19 case studies of women entrepreneurs.

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