WHY i wrote this book?

I wrote this book mainly to spread importance of following key facts:

1) It is true that entrepreneurship is needed for robust economic growth. It is also true that women are the economic force which is still not tapped to its full potential. It is important to induct them also into entrepreneurial culture, with focus on their specific needs. This book will help them in understanding how to spot opportunity gaps.

2) It is not necessary that a woman should have a career as defined and as streamlined as their men counterparts, mainly due to the fact that women have to balance motherhood also with their professional career. It is important that women understand that they can start their entrepreneurial journeys based on their comfort level with the stages of their family life and the support system that they have. Some women may have their parents or in-laws living close-by or with them. For such women it maybe much easier to pursue their dreams. On the other hand there maybe women who do not have a good support system may have to start their career after the kids grow up. My book covers stories of 19 women and all have started their entrepreneurial dreams at very different stages of their lives.

3) There are many opportunities to start small businesses which can usually be started as bootstrapped businesses. It is important to look for such opportunities. Small and medium sized businesses are getting more importance in the wake of the recent recession. Clusters of growing SMEs/SMBs can hold the economy to the ground by generating many different types of jobs and not create a job 'monopoly' as is done by behemoth organizations. A fall of such few big organizations can lead to severe job erosion, which can further lead to recession - a fact witnessed by many in the recent recession.