Friday, February 18, 2011

The 'Sutra' of Entrepreneurship

The sutra of entrepreneurship is great leadership. An entrepreneur has to sail through thick and thin of the unchartered territory. Unless a start-up is steered by great leadership, it is difficult to pull through especially during the rough weather. The downturns can percolate negativity faster than one can realize. Only a positive frame of mind can think innovatively, build an engaging culture, come up with identifying opportunities during the bad times and in turn lead the people. It takes a true entrepreneurship spirit to identify and take up new challenges and turn them into opportunities. Such positive framing can come only if there is passion and meaning attached to the work that you are doing. Whenever there is a meaning attached to whatever you are doing it no more feels like a chore and it automates innovative thinking. My view is, for an entrepreneur, it is the feeling and satisfaction generated in the sub-conscious due to creating and giving, which brings out the meaning to him/her.

Talking specifically about Women Entrepreneurship, the ‘centered leadership’ model developed by McKinsey, highlights ‘meaning’ as one of the important factors which help women into leadership. This model has been developed by putting in research around the specific need of professionally aspiring women and their experiences. To be precise, according to McKinsey’s model, meaning, is finding your strengths and putting them to work in the service of an inspiring purpose. 

My book on WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP, tries to highlight [Prologue] that there are many diverse industries with opportunities. You should know yourself [your strengths and interests or passion which brings about positive energy] and should be able to understand how to identify opportunities. Once your start-up and business model are aligned with your strengths, showing the meaning to you and addressing an industry gap or presenting a better value proposition, then everything will fall on the right track. Buy a copy today and read the interesting businesses that some of the enterprising women are running; what made them choose what they are doing.

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gausan said...

Entrepreneurship is a difficult job. The entrepreneur needs a great will power. Especially women entrepreneurs many of whom without any support from their spouses or relatives, struggle hard to achieve their goals.
I was a director of Rural Self Employment Training Institute for more than one year and I trained around 800 trainees of which 500 are women - semi illiterate housewives. By means of 23 batches of training programmes imparting skills like basic tailoring, beauty parlour management, household articles preparation, artificial jewellery manufacturing etc, at present 400 women trainees have become entrepreneurs and earning on an average Rs. 5000/- per month and this amount is quite reasonable considering the location - a rural area in the southern part of India. More than 40 trainees who underwent beauty parlour management training at our Institute had formed an association for themselves and had been succesfully conducting various seminars for the past six months